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Belkin's CAT6a channel and permanent link configurations are ETL-verified to pass all TIA/ETL-568-B.2-10 requirements .

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Features and Benefits:

  • Compliant to Industry Standards - Official TIA/EIA568-B.2-10 and ISO/IEC 11801-compliant
  • Meets all Alien crosstalk reduction specifications - not affected by wire in adjacent cable
  • 10Gbit/s transmission to 100m
  • Performance Tested - Tested to exceed 500MHz
  • CAT6a Copper Patch Cables feature Molded Connectors with Snagless Guards - Make installations effortless and protect connector tabs from damage
  • CAT6a Copper Patch Cables feature Gold-Plated Connector Contacts - Deliver maximum conductivity for high-speed data transmissions
  • Backward compatible with CAT5e and CAT6

Third-Party Independent Testing

Belkin's CAT6a end-to-end solution passes all TIA/ETL-568-B.2-10 requirements in both "channel" and "permanent link" configurations, including alien cross talk, return loss, insertion loss, propagation delay, and delay skew.

Channel Configuration:
Belkin CAT6a Patch Cables (F2CP003)
Belkin Patch Panels (F4P600)
Belkin Keystone (F2CP006-H)
Belkin Bulk Cable (F2CP004-1000)

Permanent Link Configuration:
In the "Permanent Link" configuration, testing is conducted on Belkin bulk cable terminated with Belkin keystones:
Belkin Bulk Cable (F2CP004-1000)
Belkin Keystones (F2CP006-H)

Product Line

Belkin CAT6a end-to-end solutions are ETL-verified to pass all TIA/ETL-568-B.2-10 requirements, including alien crosstalk, return loss, insertion loss, propagation delay, and delay skew, in both channel and permanent link configurations.

  • Keystones and Patch panels
  • Patch cords in various lengths: 1', 3', 5', 7', 10', 14', 20', & 25'
  • Bulk: 1000' pull box, Stranded CM (standard) and Solid CMR (riser)
  • Cable Colors: Aqua, Black, and Gray


What is the difference between the "draft" and "official" versions of TIA/EIA-568-B.2-10? "Draft" versions: proposed specifications published as guidelines to the cable and equipment manufacturers. "Official" version: actual specifications that manufacturers will be held accountable to.

What is "ETL"? ETL (Edison Testing Labs) is a subsidiary of a 3rd-party testing house called Intertek. ETL tests the cable according to the TIA/EIA specification and supplies verification of the cables' conformance to the spec.

What is "ETL-Verified" Cable? ETL has tested and certifies that the cable passes all requirements in the official TIA/EIA specification.

Is Belkin's bulk cable "ETL-Verified"? Our bulk cable is "ETL-Verified" to the official CAT6a spec in the "Permanent Link" and "Channel" configurations.

Is Belkin's patch cord "ETL-Verified"? Our patch cords are "ETL-Verified" to the official CAT6a spec in the "Channel" configuration only.

What is Permanent Link configuration? Keystone + Bulk cable + Keystone. Keystones can be in a patch panel or a wall plate.

What is Channel configuration? Patch cord + Keystone + Bulk cable + Patch panel + Patch cord + Patch panel + Patch cord.